Release. August 2021

Autogenerated Living BDD And Non-BDD Documentation

📖 Testomatio allows generating Living Documentation which is a dynamic document that provides information that is current, accurate, and easy to understand for all team members. See the documentation on how to enable Living Documentation for your project.

Confluence Integration to Display Tests' Descriptions on Page

💡 Now you can easily add your tests and suites to Confluence page and provide more visibility to your team. 📃 You can use Testomat. io macros to display tests on Confluence page by linked Jira ticket by test suite or by test case name. See how it works!

Branching for Tests

🔃 Does your team work on different code branches and need to handle different set of tests depending on code / feature branch you are testing? We implemented branching and versioning for tests, so once a branch is tested you can merge test cases into master.

Ability to View Branch Forks

You can view all changes done to a test within a copy of the repository and you get to work on someone else’s suites and tests.

Filters for Branches

There can be a lot of members within a project and each member may create their own branch. For this purpose, we added filtering by user and status of Branches.

Auto Formatting in BDD Editor

We upgraded Testomat. io BDD Editor. List of improvements:
  • BDD editor line numbers and validation improvements to identify gherkin syntax errors
  • autoformatting BDD scenarios in the editor and in read-only mode
  • notifications and confirmations during editing feature file

Bulk Deleting of Detached Tests

After tests re-import, some of them may become detached if they’ve been removed from the source code. Now you don’t need to delete each one by one. You can check them in the list and bulk delete them.

Jira Plugin

🪄 Testomat. io Team has developed a plugin for Jira to simplify the collaboration process and test management. BA and Product Owners can create test cases or BDD scenarios just from Jira. Test case or suite will be created in Testomat. io and linked to a user story. JIRA plugin provides capabilities to select or find existing tests from testomat and much more! Discover the documentation

Create Jira Issue for Failed Test Runs

We added ability to automatically create a Jira issue when a test run fails. This may help you keep on track tests failures and keep tests results in Jira. You may enable this option in Project Settings. Dedicated documentation is here

CI Integration for GitLab and Jenkins

Do you use CI\CD setup to run automated tests? Testomat. io to allows to run tests against these jobs so you don’t need to go to CI\CD to execute tests manually. Learn more here

Rerun Failed Automated Tests Automatically Within CI\CD

When running automated tests some of them may fail, so you may need to retest them. Now you can launch only failed tests within your CI\CD from Testomat. io within one click.

Parse Tags to a Tags Attribute for GET /api/testomatio/suites

We parsed out tests by tag for integration scenarios. So now you can get more data about your Testomat. io project.

Fixed Issues

🔥 Fixed issue with manual Relaunch and Launch a Copy
🔥 Fixed Testomat. io reporter issue for CodecetJS and WDIO
🔥 Fixed issue with marking the last test when running manual tests