Test management system for automated tests

Increase testing delivery with simplified test management using out-of-the-box test automation integration capabilities
Test management system for automated tests
Increase testing delivery with simplified test management using out-of-the-box test automation integration capabilities
System for the whole team
Speed up with testing results by using one system for the management of manual testing and test automation along with product team
Out-of-the-box integrations
Get the instant effect of import, introspection, test automation tools and configurations incorporated in testomat.io
BDD support
Write gherkin scenarios wisely and quickly with autocompletion, introspection, and advanced steps database
Increase speed to market
Create test cases with advanced editing tools and Intelligent autocompletion
Increase transparency
Give stakeholder instant access to your results in real-time, just copy link
Automate synchronization
Maintain test cases easily with a builtin automatic sync mechanism and diff tools
Cut costs
Provide more values by process automation and routines simplification
Сoncentrate on testing
Allocate more time for testing and less for configurations and tools integration
Achieve better collaboration
Help each other to achieve more testing coverage by team efforts synergy
Manage tests with confidence
Main features
Import tests
Quickly upload tests from the source code into the system without any complexity. Just copy generated instructions and execute them in the terminal
Describe tests
Writing tests using free-form markdown is a much more organic experience. Use advanced markdown editor to outline your test preconditions, steps for actual and expected results, and postconditions
Organize tests
Categorize your tests with test suites based on the business domains, logical parts, or by functional scope. Each test suite can store additional information about the requirements and coverage
Сode templates
No need to create boilerplate code once again. Use builtin code templates for a newly created test. Just copy the generated code and implement it accordingly
Sync and track changes
Test case descriptions and implementations are under your control now. Any changes on both sides are tracked and must be obligatory reviewed by the supervisor
Advanced editor with autocompletion
Create a steps database that describes application actions. Quickly create steps by using builtin auto-suggestion and autocompletion features
Record and replay
Use the recorder to write down surfing sessions during exploratory testing. Gather locators, user actions, and inputs along with the recorded video session attached to the test case. Use it during test implementation
Also you'll have
Test automation support
Codecept.js, Jest, TestCafe, Cucumber.js, Webdrier.io Cypress.io support and soon other test automation frameworks to be supported, for example Codeception ;)
BDD and Gherkin editor
Use advanced editor with steps autocompletion and suggestions. Easily navigate into steps details. Track steps usage and many more
Bulk actions
Quickly create test suites and test cases after grooming or planning session. Just copy / paste checklist and generate project tree
Markdown editor
Feel free to describe test in flexible way. Use description in natural way. No need to input a lot of fields. Just write down your scenario. That's simply as its
Each test can images, screenshots and documents or any other attachments as additional information for testing process
Locators and user inputs
Recorder provide ability to gather user actions, inputs and locators to be used in test automation to speed up developer performance
Change management
Track any changes with test by using revisions and history. Diff tools provide easy visual comparison side by side so you can concentrate on review and changes
Like post and pre conditions for test?! Create structure your team will follow. Builtin templates will help to create test description or code in a standard way
Filter and search
Use lookup capability to find for a specific tests or test suites as well as steps. No need to scroll project tree just use advanced search
Powerful tags
Mark test suites and tests with tags that can be used for filtering, searching and execution. Divide testing project by tags and easily manage it in a way you like
Get test management with seamless test automation integrations