Provide visibility testing activities by tracking KPIs and metrics for stakeholders and management team. Share with them test report results.

Coming Soon

We looking forward to making your testing journey more productive. And step by step our team continues to expand the functionality of our test management system. Meet the next features in upcoming updates.

Tracebility matrix

Bidirectional traceability display a relationship from requirement to test case) and backward (from test case to requirement). Will be provided sorting of requirements on logical or context sets as well.

Company test results dashboard

You will be able to coordinate many projects effectively. Will track its progress on one dashboard at one time. See actual projects statuses, against planned estimates. Monitor key KPI metrics and analytics.

State of readiness

Mean that knowledgeable people might label a set of data points on the analytics dashboard as normal or abnormal. And then will use this labelled data to build a model that can predict the readiness of a new release.

Anomaly detection

We are going to expand the list of metrics on the analytics dashboard. And adding a few Anomaly detection metrics. So you much better will detect misbehaviour, find hidden errors, identify bottlenecks, notice a part of the program with too many irrelevant details.