Test management system for automated tests

Increase testing delivery with simplified test management using out-of-the-box test automation integration capabilities
Test management system for automated tests
Increase testing delivery with simplified test management using out-of-the-box test automation integration capabilities
One system for the whole team
Speed up with testing results by using one system for the management of manual testing and test automation along with product team
Out-of-the-box integrations
Get the instant effect of import, introspection, test automation tools and configurations incorporated in testomat.io
BDD support
Write gherkin scenarios wisely and quickly with autocompletion, introspection, and advanced steps database
Sync auto tests
Add manual tests
Run tests
Test plans
Bulk edit
Multi-env run
Living docs
Run Groups
Xavier de Montis
Head of QA in Linkurious
Testomat benefits from the extensive QA experience of its creators and you can feel it: it's thought with automation in mind but still easy to use for a non tech audience. And they pay attention to their customers which reflects in the product roadmap: constantly involving and implementing new features.
Sin Nguyen
QA Engineer in Credify
Testomat is a great testing management system tool. We have taken a lot of time to look for a testing management tool suitable for our "shift left" testing strategy and can integrate manual testing and automated testing before I use Testomat
Gary Robinson
QA Architect in Flyreel
I think you guys have struck an amazing balance... I'm really excited to use the product and I'm really happy for you guys that you were able to create a solution that has a lot of new features/ideas that I haven't seen in the other test management tools that are out there.
Vidhya Ranganathan
QA Tech Lead at identity management platform
Testomat is a great tool for test case and test run management. It has a clean UI and offers a lot of thoughtful features that makes the Test Development Life Cycle easier. The creators are open to new ideas and are constantly implementing new features. A tool where the use cases of three amigos of software development converges.
Amber Brocato
QA Engineer at Creative Market
Testomat is a great tool for product and engineering teams that allows them to share in the responsibility of writing test cases, which then Testomat converts to actual code. This has been the easiest tool I've used for achieving such a task. Additionally, the team at Testomat is highly communicative and transparent about their work, making customers feel heard and delivering much needed value to the testing community.

We help teams consolidate efforts and get the synergy of managing manual testing along with test automation in one system between product owners, developers, QA engineers and non-tech stakeholders

Allocate more time for testing and less for configurations and tools integration

Maintain test cases easily with a builtin automatic sync mechanism and diff tools

Give stakeholder instant access to your results in real-time, just copy link

Help each other to achieve more testing coverage by team efforts synergy

Create test cases with advanced editing tools and Intelligent autocompletion

Provide more values by process automation and routines simplification

Main features

Import tests

Quickly upload tests from the source code into the system without any complexity. Just copy generated instructions and execute them in the terminal

Describe tests

Writing tests using free-form markdown is a much more organic experience. Use advanced markdown editor to outline your test preconditions, steps for actual and expected results, and postconditions

Organize tests

Categorize your tests with test suites based on the business domains, logical parts, or by functional scope. Each test suite can store additional information about the requirements and coverage

Сode templates

No need to create boilerplate code once again. Use builtin code templates for a newly created test. Just copy the generated code and implement it accordingly

Sync and track changes

Test case descriptions and implementations are under your control now. Any changes on both sides are tracked and must be obligatory reviewed by the supervisor

Advanced editor with autocompletion

Create a steps database that describes application actions. Quickly create steps by using builtin auto-suggestion and autocompletion features

Also you'll have

Test automation support
Codecept.js, Jest, TestCafe, Cucumber.js, Webdrier.io, Cypress.io, Protractor, Codeception, Mocha support and soon other test automation frameworks to be supported
Project organization
Keep automated tests and manual tests under one project. Synchronize tests easily with developed plugins and tools to keep your focus on QA process rather than on customization
BDD and Gherkin
Use an advanced gherkin editor with steps autocompletion and suggestions. Easily navigate into steps details. Track steps usage and and support steps database for your project
Bulk actions
Quickly create test suites and test cases after grooming or planning sessions. Just copy / paste checklist and generate the project tree. Updates and tests organization can be done easily in 1 click
Markdown editor
Feel free to describe test in flexible way using the power of markdown syntax. Use description in natural way. No need to input a lot of fields. Just write down your scenario. That's simply as its
Intelligent steps autocompletion
Fill database with unambiguous steps that will be used to describe scenarios. Add and update test steps quickly and easily with intelligent steps autocompletion based on created steps database
Test parametrization
Design data-driven tests with defined data set. Execute scenario with different data during the execution stage. Automated parametrized tests are autodetected with no customization
Each test or test run can have images, screenshots, documents, or any other attachments as additional information for the testing process. Add more information to make test more informative
Change management
Track any tests changes by using revisions and history. Diff tools provide easy visual comparison side by side so you can concentrate on review and changes
Built-in templates will help to create test descriptions or code in a standard way. Define test suite, scenario or code templates that will be used by default when you create a new tests
Filter and search
Use lookup capability to find specific tests or test suites as well as steps. No need to scroll the project tree just use the advanced search capabilities to find by test, test suite or tag
Powerful tags
Mark test suites and tests with tags. The power of tags can be used for filtering, searching, and execution. Manage project in flexible way by using tags
Sync automated tests with IDs
No need to manually mark automated scripts with IDs from testomat.io. Use developed importer to update all your tests in one click, check differences and merge changes into code repository
Reusable steps and step database
Manage steps in a central place. Step database provides a way to create an unambiguous language that will be used by the whole team during test design stage. Keep steps organized in one place
Test plans and configurations
Define different tests selection into test plans. Select tests by name, by test suite inclusion, by tags, or status. Test plans can be reused by the whole team both for automated tests and manual tests
Test runs and execution
Execute and report automated tests results thru implemented reporters. Add reporter to test automation project and get results no matter it's local, remote or CI\CD execution. Keep all manual and automated test runs in one place with merging capabilities
Run groups
Run groups can help you organize test results by context depending on your needs. It can be grouped by sprint, releases, or functional decomposition. Define your way how to structure test results
Multi-environment runs
Make cross-browser testing or mobile testing in sequence or in parallel execution on multiple environments. All environment executions fit into once specifically designed interface
Speed up test execution by assigning different team members to different tests. Assigned persons will have email notifications. Execute defined tests by assignments
Keep the team notified about test results once you have them. Notification can be sent by email, Slack, MS Teams, Jira. Use advanced rules to define when exactly you need these notifications
Real-time reporting
No need to wait for automated tests results until it finished. Designed reporter send information in real-time so you can access intermediate results in test report once even 1 test is executed
CI/CD pipeline integration
Configure CI\CD for automated tests execution and provide non-technical team member capabilities to start test execution from user interface. Run all or specific automated tests once CI\CD configured
Customize all you need by API. Create tests or test suites programmatically. Read test results and send them to other dashboards. Integrate testomat.io into your environment
Jira integration
Collaborate with Business Analysts and Product Owners by using the advanced Jira plugin. It provides functionality to link tests to user stories, view and edit scenarios directly from Jira plugin
Public read-only reports
No need to have accounts to provide stakeholders with test results. Share it publicly by specific generated link to test report. Just copy and paste to instant messenger so other can access report
Living documentation
Collaborate with team members based on your tests. Generate publicly available documentation from your project. Living docs are updated all the time you do something with tests in real-time
Rerun failed tests
No need to do extra actions to rerun manual or automated tests. You can modify existed test runs with updated results or you can re-execute only failed automated tests in CI\CD with click on a button
Understand project trends by analytics module that provide different reports to check coverage or defects rate, a lot of reports under development, like flaky tests analysis or defects clustering
Review and history
All test scenario changes are stored and reflected by history logs. Easily go thru test revisions and history to understand who, what and when changed in test case
Branches and versioning
Each team member can create a separate branch, do changes and merge it to master once it's ready. Work simultaneously on the project by using branches flexibility, diff tools and merging
Find out more
BDD test management in practice
Learn how to manage gherkin scenario and test automation without hassle

Organize QA process

Classical project

Get full speed at test design by using advanced markdown editor with builtin templates. Reuse specifications and robust refactoring to reduce duplication. Readable specifications mean less time spent on maintaining the test suite

BDD project

Describe the gherkin scenario with an advanced editor, scenario autoformatting, central steps database, usage analytics. Seamless integration means behavior driven scenarios are always up to date. The automatic tracking system will notify you about changes
Work with modern frameworks of your choice
Supporting modern frameworks


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