Test management system
for Automated tests

Manage automation testing along with manual testing in one workspace. Unite BA, Dev, QA and non-tech stakeholders in one flow to maximize the synergy of testing efforts.

Designed for modern teams

Test-automation first approach

We are adopting innovative approaches to develop the test management solution. All-in-one automation is our Must Have. We'll handle all your testing process up to a few clicks,
speed up your development cycle at times.

Import automated tests

Quickly upload automated tests from the source code into the test management system.

Convert manual tests in automated

Use developed importer to update all tests in one click, merge changes within IDs.

Execute test runs

Run tests no matter it's local or CI\CD. Review results in real-time and with unlimited artifacts.
CI/CD pipeline integration testing frameworks integrations mobile version

Out-of-the-box integration

Test Management System simplifies your testing process in a way of integration with commonly used testing frameworks, CI\CD tools, ticket management systems, knowledge base systems.
Run manual test cases in test management system

Test case management

Provide powerful test case creation in Advanced Markdown and Gherkin Editor with intelligent auto-completion. Plan your testing activities based on designed tests scenarios, execute test plans, organize projects. Manage automated and manual test cases under one roof.
  • Testomat Parameterization
  • Testomat Tagging, filtering
  • Testomat Bulk edit
  • Testomat Branching
Run automation tests through testing tool

Automated tests

Bring streamline mechanisms in your automation process. For this purpose, we developed importers to quick download all your tests in the test management system. Reporters which show test results in real-time. And rich analytics based on these test runs.
  • Testomat Import tests
  • Testomat Sync tests
  • Testomat Unlimited artifacts
  • Testomat Parallel execution
Real time report test result

Analytics & reporting

Get your test results in Real-time. Real-time reporting and analytics help you catch issues in time and track problems fast. Key features are unlimited artifacts, as well as possibility of sharing test results with teamates and stakeholders.
  • Testomat Real-time report
  • Testomat Analytics board
  • Testomat Public report
  • Testomat Run groups
Gherkin language support by Test Management App

Agile workflow

We lead on Shift-left approach in the development of test management system. Agile Workflow is orientated to seamless integrations with automation tools. As well as scenarios described in BDD to prevent communication breakdowns across Agile teams.
  • Testomat BDD support
  • Testomat Jira integration
  • Testomat Gherkin editor
  • Testomat Living Docs

Perform all testing ideas
Maintain effectively your test management

We provide scalable test management tool like as small startups or big companies of various industries. No matter you're a team of one or 100, there's something for everyone. Meet our key benefits

Easy to get started

Intuitive interface and ready boilerplate demo project in help for successful starting with us. No set-up is required.

Easy to use

Simplify routines in many testing activities up to one-click due to automation and tight integrations

Easy to customize

We provide a wide feature set and care about its work reliability. You can customize a lot of them for your workflow.

Easy to collaborate

Test together by the whole team, analyze progress to achieve more testing coverage. Config Agile process if needed
Start testing with

Organize Your Testing Process, try all advanced features without any limitation

Why clients choose us

Our service helps coordinate and automate all testing processes in QA department. We provide one test management system for specific needs and a set of unique features
to solve them.

End-to-end Jira integration

Link requirements to test cases and check test coverage of your user stories.

Flexible options for test runs

Specify environments: MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Chrome, including parallel execution.

Smart and fast scalable testing

This test management tool help develop, manage, run, track, and maintain a high number of tests.

Best-in-class Test Reporting & Analytics

Makes it easy to generate rich test reports with artifacts, notifications and sharing options.

BDD support for the whole team

On gherkin language realized writing both manual and automated test cases

Test execution by non-tech persons

BA, PO can create, view or edit existing test cases, BDD scenarios just from Jira. Run tests, get results.

Recent Reviews

Testomat is a great tool for product and engineering teams that allows them to share in the responsibility of writing test cases, which then Testomat converts to actual code. This has been the easiest tool I've used for achieving such a task. Additionally, the team at Testomat is highly communicative and transparent about their work, making customers feel heard and delivering much needed value to the testing community.
Amber Brocato
Amber Brocato
QA Engineer at Creative Market
Testomat is a great tool for test case and test run management. It has a clean UI and offers a lot of thoughtful features that makes the Test Development Life Cycle easier. The creators are open to new ideas and are constantly implementing new features. A tool where the use cases of three amigos of software development converges.
Vidhya Ranganathan
Vidhya Ranganathan
QA Tech Lead at identity management platform
Testomat benefits from the extensive QA experience of its creators and you can feel it: it's thought with automation in mind but still easy to use for a non tech audience. And they pay attention to their customers which reflects in the product roadmap: constantly involving and implementing new features.
Xavier de Montis
Xavier de Montis
Head of QA in Linkurious
Testomat is a great testing management system tool. We have taken a lot of time to look for a testing management tool suitable for our "shift left" testing strategy and can integrate manual testing and automated testing before I use Testomat.
Sin Nguyen
Sin Nguyen
QA Engineer in Credify
I think you guys have struck an amazing balance... I'm really excited to use the product and I'm really happy for you guys that you were able to create a solution that has a lot of new features/ideas that I haven't seen in the other test management tools that are out there.
Gary Robinson
Gary Robinson
QA Architect in Flyreel

Trusted by over 500 forward-thinking companies



A simple pricing model to suit your budget.
Pay as you go on a monthly or yearly basis!
Save 10% with Annual Plans


Ideal for personal projects

$0 per user/month

What’s included

  • Testomat 2 users / 2 projects
  • Testomat No read-only users
  • Testomat 2 Mb attachments
  • Testomat Automated tests support
  • Testomat Advanced Playwright reporting
  • Testomat Advanced Cypress reporting
  • Testomat Unlimited artifacts storage via S3
  • Testomat Manual testing support
  • Testomat Advanced BDD / Gherkin support
  • Testomat Real-time reporting and metrics
  • Testomat Multi-environment runs
  • Testomat Cross-browser / Mobile testing support
  • Testomat Steps database, snippets
  • Testomat Assignments, email notifications
  • Testomat Reporter pipes (github, gitlab, etc)
  • Testomat Templates
  • Testomat Bulk edit


Ideal for SMB and startups

$30 per user/month

What’s included

  • Testomat Unlimited projects
  • Testomat Free read-only users
  • Testomat 50 Mb per attachment
  • Testomat CI\CD (github, gitlab, azure, etc)
  • Testomat Issue trackers (jira, github, azure, etc)
  • Testomat Jira plugin (BDD, Classical tests)
  • Testomat Analytics (coverage, issues, flaky, etc)
  • Testomat Notifications (slack, jira, ms teams, etc)
  • Testomat Labels and custom fields
  • Testomat Versioning and run history
  • Testomat Project audit log (Pulse)
  • Testomat Living documentation / Confluence
  • Testomat Public read-only reports
  • Testomat Rerun failed tests
  • Testomat Mixed runs (manual + automated)
  • Testomat API
  • Testomat Query Language


Ideal for big teams and companies

What’s included

  • Testomat Pay per user / Unlimited projects
  • Testomat Free read-only users
  • Testomat 100 Mb per attachment
  • Testomat Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Testomat Users auto-provisionning by domain
  • Testomat Self-hosted on-premise option
  • Testomat Branches and versioning
  • Testomat Company wide global analytics
  • Testomat Custom migration from TMS
  • Testomat Dedicated support
  • Testomat Dedicated roadmap and backlog
  • Testomat Feature development priority
  • Testomat Support big projects up to 100k tests
  • Testomat Teams management
  • Testomat Role based access
  • Testomat SLA
  • Testomat Company sharing permissions

Frequently asked questions

1. Meet comprehensive pricing details. Testomat

For more detailed information, please visit the following link a comprehensive pricing details. If you have any questions or need a consultation, feel free to write contact@testomat.io via email or Crisp chat.

2. How does the free trial work? Testomat

Testomat.io team provides two trials for you to evaluate all features of the test management tool: a 30 Days Trial and an additional extra 14 Days Trial.

The first trial period starts automatically with a sign-up. The second trial will start by clicking on the button Request trial.

At the end of the second trial period, advanced features will being disabled and you will be able to use the Free plan for as long as you need or make a subscription upgrade.

3. How do I select a Plan suitable to my teams’ needs? Testomat

You might have a look at the detailed features description of each plan mentioned above and would make a decision based on the availability of a particular feature in the plan, user and project limits, security preferences according to your testing needs.

4. Do you want to understand all detail before purchasing. What should you do? Testomat

You can Request a Demo here and schedule a demo with us at your convenient date and time. Our product experts will take you through the entire product in a one-on-one or together with your team. Also, you will be free to ask any questions and receive answers on them immediately.

5. What if I already use a different test case management tool? Testomat

You might continue the development of your existing testing project.
Built-in importer lets on import all your tests from csv/xls files, Test Rail, Zephyr, qTest automatically. Or use our API to import test sets from other test management tools in your interface.

6. Do you need a credit card to get started with Free Plan? Testomat

No. You don’t need to provide credit card details for getting started with the Free plan testomat.io Test Management System.

7. Which payment methods are accepted? Testomat

You can pay via a debit card or a credit card. During transaction, you will be redirected to our stripe payment gateway for making payment.

8. Is it possible to cancel Paid subscription? Testomat

Yes. It is possible to cancel your subscription anytime. All you have to do is go to Subscription and click on Cancel Subscription. You will continue to have access to your current subscription level until the end of your current (already paid) billing period. After, any features beyond those allowed on the Free plan will be deactivated. If you renew or upgrade your subscription, your deactivated features and projects will be available again.

9. Do you send invoice? Testomat

We send the invoice. We will fulfill your order through invoice.

10. What will happen if you do not pay the paid plan? Testomat

Any features beyond those allowed on the Free plan will be deactivated. If you renew or upgrade your subscription, your deactivated features and projects will be available again.

11. How can I contact you in case of any queries? Testomat

We have a Contact Us page where are described all our contact channels.
Also, you can immediately direct mail us to contact@testomat.io for any assistance.

Get Started with your First Project
For successful start take a specifically designed boilerplate project. Import it, you will see test case design, test results report, analytics dashboard and check all advanced functionality immediately.
Demo boilerplate organization test project in test suites and folder