test automation management done right

Plan your automated tests with ease

Say "Goodbye" to Spreadsheets and ugly TCMSes

Do you have test automation strategy?

Testomatio helps you to plan your tests before coding

Type down test scenarios

We help you to describe and manage automated tests scenarios, so you won't ever lose control of your tests. Plan all positive and negative cases, and type in basic scenarios.

But words can't explain everything, better to show your test!

Record & Play them

Using our browser extension (or Webpack plugin) record your actions on a website so a test engineer could reproduce your steps at any time.

You won't need to explain actions in detail or record a video. It is already done!

Now, Automate Your Tests

Write automated tests in a tool of your choice and get synchronized with your test planner.

We provide bi-directional sync with your code, so your automated tests will always match test plan.

Example Workflow

Describe a test →

  • Open a page
  • Pick a product
  • Add it to cart
  • Click "Checkout"
  • Fill in valid user name & address
  • Select default shipping
  • Select payment with cash
  • Click "Place an order"
  • Check that order was placed

Record it & Replay →

Implement a Test ↓

Watch & Analyze

Analyze flaky tests, detect test changes & misbehavior, discuss automated tests.

← Test Statuses & Reports

From each test run you update status of your tests, so you could see which tests are passed, which are failed.

← Get updates from commits

When the code changes, a new test is added or removed, your test board will be updated as well. This works via GitHub Actions

Supercharged test planning is coming

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Mykhailo Poliarush

CEO of Testomat.io
15 years of experience
in test automation

Michael Bodnarchuk

CTO of Testomat.io
Author of testing frameworks
CodeceptJS & Codeception