Testomat Pricing Options

A simple pricing model to suit your budget.
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Pay as you go on a monthly or yearly basis!
Save 10% with Annual Plans

Ideal for personal projects

$0 per user/month
What’s included
  • 2 users / 2 projects
  • No read-only users
  • 2 Mb attachments
  • Automated tests support
  • Advanced Playwright reporting
  • Advanced Cypress reporting
  • Unlimited artifacts storage via S3
  • Manual testing support
  • Advanced BDD / Gherkin support
  • Real-time reporting and metrics
  • Multi-environment runs
  • Cross-browser / Mobile testing support
  • Steps database, snippets
  • Assignments, email notifications
  • Reporter pipes (github, gitlab, etc)
  • Templates
  • Bulk edit

Ideal for SMB and startups

$30 per user/month
What’s included
  • Unlimited projects
  • Free read-only users
  • 50 Mb per attachment
  • CI\CD (github, gitlab, azure, etc)
  • Issue trackers (jira, github, azure, etc)
  • Jira plugin (BDD, Classical tests)
  • Analytics (coverage, issues, flaky, etc)
  • Notifications (slack, jira, ms teams, etc)
  • Labels and custom fields
  • Versioning and run history
  • Project audit log (Pulse)
  • Living documentation / Confluence
  • Public read-only reports
  • Rerun failed tests
  • Mixed runs (manual + automated)
  • API
  • Query Language

Ideal for big teams and companies

What’s included
  • Pay per user / Unlimited projects
  • Free read-only users
  • 100 Mb per attachment
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Users auto-provisionning by domain
  • Self-hosted on-premise option
  • Branches and versioning
  • Company wide global analytics
  • Custom migration from TMS
  • Dedicated support
  • Dedicated roadmap and backlog
  • Feature development priority
  • Support big projects up to 100k tests
  • Teams management
  • Role based access
  • SLA
  • Company sharing permissions

Frequently asked questions

1. How does the free trial work? Testomat

Testomat.io team provides two trials for you to evaluate all features of the test management tool: a 30 Days Trial and an additional extra 14 Days Trial.

The first trial period starts automatically with a sign-up. The second trial will start by clicking on the button Request trial.

At the end of the second trial period, advanced features will being disabled and you will be able to use the Free plan for as long as you need or make a subscription upgrade.

2. How do I select a Plan suitable to my teams’ needs? Testomat

You might have a look at the detailed features description of each plan mentioned above and would make a decision based on the availability of a particular feature in the plan, user and project limits, security preferences according to your testing needs.

3. Do you want to understand all detail before purchasing. What should you do? Testomat

You can Request a Demo here and schedule a demo with us at your convenient date and time. Our product experts will take you through the entire product in a one-on-one or together with your team. Also, you will be free to ask any questions and receive answers on them immediately.

4. What if I already use a different test case management tool? Testomat

You might continue the development of your existing testing project.
Built-in importer lets on import all your tests from csv/xls files, Test Rail, Zephyr, qTest automatically. Or use our API to import test sets from other test management tools in your interface.

5. Do you need a credit card to get started with Free Plan? Testomat

No. You don’t need to provide credit card details for getting started with the Free plan testomat.io Test Management System.

6. Which payment methods are accepted? Testomat

You can pay via a debit card or a credit card. During transaction, you will be redirected to our stripe payment gateway for making payment.

7. Is it possible to cancel Paid subscription? Testomat

Yes. It is possible to cancel your subscription anytime. All you have to do is go to Subscription and click on Cancel Subscription. You will continue to have access to your current subscription level until the end of your current (already paid) billing period. After, any features beyond those allowed on the Free plan will be deactivated. If you renew or upgrade your subscription, your deactivated features and projects will be available again.

8. Do you send invoice? Testomat

We send the invoice. We will fulfill your order through invoice.

9. What will happen if you do not pay the paid plan? Testomat

Any features beyond those allowed on the Free plan will be deactivated. If you renew or upgrade your subscription, your deactivated features and projects will be available again.

10. How can I contact you in case of any queries? Testomat

We have a Contact Us page where are described all our contact channels.
Also, you can immediately direct mail us to contact@testomat.io for any assistance.