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new-gen test management

Thank you for being with our test management. Through you our customer, we realized just how to it is important to bring visibility of their testing results to their entire organization, including key stakeholders. How important for teams to work together in one collaborative space and with useful functionality, especially for self-organized Agile teams.

You encourage us to move ahead and help us to be better. Together, we’ve reached a lot of in software quality assurance testing.

Let’s recall our team continue to expand test management functionality based fully on customer needs.

Where test management are today

We create an all-in-one, full-controlled test environment for all your test cases, as manual as automated and test data. This environment combines a large number of tools, such as: Jira, AzureDevOps, Github, Gitlab, Cypress, Playwright, Cucumber, Codecept and many more, which separately prevent the active flow of the test project. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to achieve efficiency through our test management system.

Especially, we pride the next features:

  • Productive importer of test scripts
  • Real-time reporting
  • Native support of all JavaScript & TypeScript test automation frameworks
  • Beginning of support Java, Python, C# languages
  • Advanced Jira Plugin
  • Amazing Dark Theme UI/UX
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Mixed run
  • Pulse and Branches
  • Extended list of CI\CD tools

Let’s check it out yourself! Visit the page where All test management functionality is presented

If there are any other improvements you’d like to see in our product, check out our feature product roadmap to discover whether we are currently working on it or not. Give us an idea, and we will be glad to hear from you! With your suggestions, we can continue providing a high-quality product and the best software testing service. We hope to work with your test projects.

What benefits do our clients get working with us?

Working with us, our clients compare their testing experiences, both before and after. They got the changes more than just results — they handle information that can be repeated and measured to build a successful process, including historical trends. But also admitted the following test management advantages:

  • Reducing the duplication of data
  • Standardization set of test metric
  • Measurement of progressing
  • Measurement of the value testing efforts
  • Increasing collaboration

Helps define organizational blueprint, thanks to:

  • Organization of test scenarios.
  • Aligning the test process with the rest part of the Software development Life Cycle.
  • Roles and responsibilities within the testing organization.

What features we will focus on next year?

  • more analytics
  • more CI\CD integrations
  • more ticket system integrations
  • more native integrations with program languages

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Route of test management year’s resolution:

So, we have put together an exhaustive plan of what milestones we should follow with the resolution to achieve QA’s aspirations with our test management web solution.

  • Team growth. We plan team growth for further developing new test management features.
  • Test management feature improvements. The quality of our test management application is essential. So that extending and feature improvements keep priorities for us as well.
  • Guarantee data security and compliance standards. With technology becoming more prominent, software testing could help create more stable and secure digital ecosystems that are seamless in their functionalities and performance.
  • Creating guidelines which introduce test management and help QA testing teams fit it to their test project needs For instance, with accounting for functional and non-functional testing scenarios, such testing types as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, regression testing, performance testing, security testing, accessibility testing, and usability testing.
  • Improving customer service particularly, the service customer team that will accompany you at every step and teach you how to use the product.
  • Expanding the number of software client companies to become an even more ambitious startup
  • Social media collaboration. We will work even more closely with our audience on social networks by creating much more engaging content.
  • Publishing blog posts with the world leaders minds and test managers what we were actively doing before.

Review our resolution regularly

Software development technologies constantly evolving, as a result, we’ll keep a pulse on the latest, industry-standard test techniques and testing approaches and review routes of our test management development.

📍 Note, we are providing enterprise support and expand functionality for corporate clients. Need an on-premise version? Please Contact us at any time

Learn new skills this year

We would like to work in two directions:

First, we are going to deep partnerships with test universities, testing schools and learning courses, giving them the opportunity to use test management without limitation.

Second, test academy where we attract QA professionals to share their knowledge within our platform.

If your resolution is to learn a new skill or advance your career, start achieving your goals with Us!

The critical considerations for acing test management

If test management is a part of your team, it will be a much-needed help in the process of testing, before your software hits the market. Below we have collected a few market lead thoughts to share with you.

Your testing should be based on test strategy. The testing strategy should be a foundational part of your IT strategy—connecting your vision for quality and value to the work that gets done. Luckily, with the there’s an easy way to do that. Our test management provides a planning process by embedding quality — from strategy-setting to daily working norms.

Organizations even with a test budget to Enterprise Test Management Strategy (ETMS) are prepared to plan and address today’s challenges in a multi-vendor, multi-technology, complex business and technology integration environment.

Industry practices implemented in our testing tool help achieve better product development. For example, behaviour-driven development (BDD) unlike test-driven development (TDD), or acceptance test-driven development (ATDD).

In this blog, we also explore:

A strong test management approach requires the test metrics set that drive ROI from testing efforts. With an adaptive, scalable, and comprehensive TMS, you’ll ensure QA teams deliver quality, value, and outcomes, benefitting customers and the Dev team alike.

Embrace CI\CD mindset: Continuous testing promotes repeatability, consistency, and reliability in test results, optimizes the testing cycle, and cuts down on excess time and expense. Test automation an imperative for CI\CD. Set CI\CD of test automation scripts for your test scenarios and requirements.

Jira allows keep a pulse on quality, issues, and defects: Determine the process and infrastructure to manage defects and problems. Jira Plugin strengthens the feedback loop between tech and non-tech teammates and ensures your test process is improving continuously.

Our team appreciate your patience, support, feedback, and trust along the way. Thanks dear for being with us!

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