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Web automation testing is one of the top priorities for modern QA engineers because quality control of digital solutions using specialized tools with CI\CD enables Agile teams to enhance the efficiency of software products and release them to the market much faster. To achieve these goals, it’s important to choose an automation testing framework that aligns with the development approach for web apps. Lately, more testers are favoring relatively new solutions over established tools like Selenium, one of which is the Playwright framework. In this material, we will discuss how to become a true professional in working with Playwright tests and explore where to find information about the platform.

Playwright is a popular open-source browser automation framework for software testing. In particular, it is designed for web application testing. Playwright supports multiple programming languages, offers cross-browser testing, and provides tools for screenshots, videos, and parallel execution, making it a versatile and powerful choice for test automation.

And now, we offer you a list of resources where you can find a Playwright tutorial that best matches your level of expertise and contains all the necessary information you need.

Official Playwright resources

Official Playwright Documentation is the starting point to gain knowledge about this tool.Playwright is a relatively new framework created by Microsoft in 2020. As a result, its community is in the active development stage, and it currently little lags behind communities of more established tools like Cypress or Selenium. However, the lack of number of experienced in Playwright software testing professionals is compensated by detalization in various formats on the official tool’s resources and other sites.

Playwright Slack Channel. Playwright has its own Slack Channel, where QA engineers using Playwright can exchange messages and their best practices receive notifications about new versions, and much more. In this community, you can get answers to your questions and solve the problems that your QA testers collegues encounter daily.

Debbie Codes This is the official website of Debbie O’Brien, a Senior Technical Program Manager at Microsoft, who also serves as a Playwright ambassador. The resource features thematic podcasts such as “Playwright with Debbie O’Brien,” “Web Testing with Playwright,” and more, along with videos on web automation testing using this framework and numerous articles on her personal blog.

PlaywrightDev It is the official YouTube channel for the Playwright testing tool, where beginners who are just getting started with the framework and experienced users can find the necessary information. The channel includes videos about Playwright, live webinars and presentations, and recordings of expert talks at conferences dedicated to testing web applications. The channel discusses the latest features of the platform and the specifics of running tests using Playwright.

Awesome Playwright list as the Github repository  this is a collection of handy links from the Playwright team gathered in one place. By the way, if you know other ones, then you can contribute to this repository too

Microsoft Developer video on Playwright You can also find videos about all the notable features of the platform on the Official Microsoft Developer YouTube channel. Here, speakers describe the testing process using the Playwright framework

Visual Studio Code. VS Code is a code editor created by Microsoft for cross-platform web development and cloud application creation. The official Visual Studio Code YouTube channel also devotes a lot of attention to testing modern web apps with Playwright and VS Code. Official Playwright extension to VS Code you can find on marketplace though this link

Try Playwright Online Playground to experiment with Playwright in the browser.

Playwright Tutorial

Playwright supports multiple programming languages, a significant advantage over many other frameworks. It allows you to work with Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, and C# .NET. You can find various courses and guides online depending on which language is used in your project. However, you can start your Playwright learning with the following a few ones:

JavaScript | TypeScript

Playwright Tutorial Crash Course using Typescript A basic YouTube course from Dilpreat Johal that provides detailed information about Playwright installation and key features. It also teaches users how to write automated tests in the framework and work with multiple browsers and other platform specifics.

Playwright with JavaScript Automation Tutorials This resource offers 22 lessons on working with Playwright using the JavaScript programming language. Author provides comprehensive information, starting from Playwright architecture and framework installation and ending with working with iFrames.

QA Automation Playwright with Typescript one more short course from the YouTube channel QA Automation Alchemist. However, in it the author explains such important stafts as fixtures, POM(Page Object Model) to optimize your framework.

Playwright Tutorials For Beginners by Mukesh Otwani This channel suits those who want to learn the testing tool from scratch, covering Playwright installation, running tests from the command line, and key platform features.

Playwright Beginner Tutorial Automation Step by Step by Raghav Pal This is great that the author constantly updates the video to the latest Playwright versions.

Playwright – Cucumber – TS by Koushik Chatterjee creator of LetCode channel He has developed a testing practice site and also provides a platform to clarify all your queries. Feel free to use https://letcode.in to do the practice.

Playwright with Javascript by SDET- QA Automation Techie

Let’s Learn: Playwright Here, you can explore tools that accelerate the creation of Playwright tests.

Kaniel Outis channel presents materials on Playwright API testing and a playlist with few advanced Playwright tests.

Automate Together channel contains some interesting examples as 2-Factor Authentication with Playwright and Playwright request interception on Amazon e-shop.


Playwright Tutorial Java A series of 12 video courses on using Playwright with Java from Pramod Dutta. It starts with introductory material and gradually progresses to more advanced topics like Playwright API testing and creating automatic test scenarios using Codegen.

Learn Playwright with Java Another collection of video tutorials on Playwright testing using the Java programming language. It discusses framework key features such as Codegen and Trace Viewer, installation specifics, and working with Playwright selectors, among other topics.

Playwright with Java  by Naveen Khunteta. This course is comprehensive. It consists of the 3 parts and in total provides 49 lessons on How to automate with Playwright using the Java programming language. Author offers in-depth insights, taking you from ground zero to an intermediate level, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter. So, this Playwright tutorial reveals many details in conclusion.


Playwright Python Tutorial A collection of video tutorials on using Playwright with Python from Joan Esquivel. You can learn how to install Playwright, create scenarios, explore the possibilities of end-to-end testing, and the specific framework features.

Test Automation with Playwright and Python Another YouTube channel containing educational videos on using Playwright with Python from Oleksii Ostapov. Notably, the speaker presents the material in the Ukrainian language.


Playwright with C# .NET A 31-lesson video course on working with Playwright and C# .NET from Karthik K.K. It thoroughly describes all the nuances of testing with Playwright, including the use of features like screenshots, record and playback, auto-wait, parallel tests execution, and framework integration.

Using Playwright E2E Tests With C# .NET An educational guide on complex web application testing using E2E tests written with Playwright and C# .NET.

In addition of these Playwright courses, you can find more on the Udemy learning platform with Playwright keyword all of them for low price. For instance, Mastering End-to-End Testing with Playwright and Cucumber.js a course that helps set up the environment for Microsoft Playwright and Cucumber, run tests using this tech stack, create function files, explore page elements, generate reports, and more.

Useful Blogs and Playwright Testing Tips from Influencers

Testers who maintain their blogs describe their experience with Playwright in their videos and articles, sharing real-use cases of the framework, challenges they’ve encountered, and how they resolved them. Below is a list of bloggers whose content can be valuable when learning about Playwright testing.

Michael Lynch – software developer and blogger, author of the article “On Migrating from Cypress to Playwright.” This article provides guidance on transitioning from Cypress to Playwright, based on the author’s personal experience, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of both frameworks.

Madeline Caples – a software engineer with experience in JavaScript and Python development, the author of numerous materials on software testing and development. Her article “Using Test Steps in Playwright” addresses to make your tests more organized, readable, and debuggable.

Butch Mayhew – Playwright Ambassador and author of a series of materials on Playwright testing, including a 14-part guide titled “The Definitive Guide to API Test Automation With Playwright.” In this guide, he takes readers through the entire process of Playwright API testing.

Marcus Felling  blog by a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft who strongly emphasizes end-to-end testing, including using Playwright. The blog includes comparisons of the Playwright framework with other frameworks, descriptions of creating E2E tests using locators, publishing results of Playwright tests on GitHub, and more.

Testersdock blog belongs to Alapan, a QA Automation Engineer at Apple, and has a dedicated section on testing with Playwright. The topics covered include “How to capture screenshots in Playwright,” “How to debug scripts using Playwright Inspector,” “How to work with checkboxes in Playwright,” and more.

WorkwithLoop Blogs Ben Fellows, an Evangelist for the Playwright Framework and Founder & CEO of a company specializing in QA processes, shares recommendations on improving Playwright testing efficiency, enhancing web performance with the framework’s powerful features, optimizing load testing, and addressing other important topics. You can also find Ben Fellows’ lessons in video format on his personal YouTube channel in the Playwright Insights playlist.

Ray Run Blog is a community of quality control engineers that provides videos, articles, guides, recommendations for using Playwright, and other valuable information. Users can learn about various types of testing available with this platform, compare Playwright with other testing tools, explore best practices for web automation, and more.

Automation panda blog by Andy Knight This blog focuses on software testing and development. It offers a master class on working with Playwright in Python, a comprehensive guide on web app testing with this tool, comparisons of Playwright with its main competitors (Selenium and Cypress), and other materials.

Tim Deschryver a software engineer from Belgium, shares his personal experience with Angular, .NET, NgRx, and other tools in his blog. Test execution with Playwright is an important part of his practice, and he addresses API testing, test suite creation, organization, execution, reporting, and other aspects of working with the framework.

Test Guild Joe Colantonio’s blog, an expert in test automation and the founder of the community dedicated to automation testing called Test Guild, contains a wealth of materials related to Playwright. You can find educational resources for working with the tool, descriptions of the latest testing approaches, free courses, a constantly updated list of training sessions, and more.

Yevhen Laichenkov is software development engineer in testing, maintains his blog on medium.com, where he shares expert materials on testing web apps. You can explore articles about Playwright, such as “API testing with Playwright & odottaa” and “Getting Started with Playwright and Playwright Test Runner,” among others.

Playwright Tips This YouTube channel offers 20 short videos by Checkly app Stefan Judis to simplify and clarify testing with Playwright.

Rahul Shetty his resource contains the most frequently asked questions during Playwright QA engineer job interviews.

Additionally, you can find articles by other authors on medium.com and dev.to, where you can discover interesting materials about web automation using Playwright.

For example, the couple of quite useful posts from there:

Final Thought 🤔

Playwright is a relatively new framework that has gained popularity among QA engineers due to its extensive functionality, support for multiple programming languages, and high-quality documentation.

We hope this collection of educational resources and video materials for working with this testing tool will help you. Do you know of resources that could complement this list? Please contact us, and we will consider adding them in our future articles.


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