Shift Left & Shift Right approaches
in Software Testing

In Agile development — collaboration is key not only for all roles involved in the development process but also important to include customers to understand what they wanted.

One of the ways to integrate testing into every development and operations activity are using Shift Left and Shift Right approaches.
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Core value:  
Shift Left essentially means, that QA engineers begin testing right at the start of the development cycle and testing is implemented throughout all cycle SDLC
🎯 The goal is to prevent defects and mitigate risks rather than deal with a whole load of bugs and critical issues post-development. And the well-known fact that defects are less costly to the project when it had caught more early.
Benefits for the developers in getting bugs right the first time and being able to deliver on expectation and quality.
In modern Software Testing, the Shift Left practice often encourages the use of Behavior-Driven-Development(BDD) test cases instead of classical test cases, to help prevent the defects.
Successfully realized by team in 
  • Autogenerated living #BDD documentation
  • Auto Formatting in BDD Editor
  • #Jira plugin
The Shift Right approach in DevOps means testing the software application at the right end. This practice allows testing to move into production with regards to functionality, performance, failure tolerance and user experience by employing controlled experiments. Testing in production allows using real user experience. Improve customer experience. Customer feedback must be carefully gathered, all issues are then translated to technical and business requirements
Thus apps become more flexible. Some features continuing to develop, others have been removed or changed, based on what we learned from the feedback.
Recap each of these approaches has its own set of advantages. Let go started together implement Shift Right & Shift Left with

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