Hello World !

This is the first blog post on our site. On what goes Who we are and What we do in Software Testing World. We are pleased to represent our own product. It is the Test Management System for Test Case Synchronization. All your automated and manual tests are in one place, in an efficient way. Also, we are happy to announce future plans. To be interesting, read more down 👇

Nice to meet you, dear reader! We just started writing for you. It is the first blog post on our testing blog dedicated news testomat.io Test Management System.

In the future, we are publishing here a lot of information about Software Testing, particularly Automation testing, Quality Assurance and Test Management.

It would be articles like:

  • best practices from experts
  • tools and approaches comparison
  • insights, tips and tricks
  • how-to workflow articles
  • detailed tutorials as well

Which we expect will deepen your experience. Will grant you the knowledge to do improvements in the Testing Process, optimize results and make product delivery faster. Does not matter what your professional level.

The blog’ll be interesting: Quality Control Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Software Engineers in Test, QA Team Leads and etc.

Who we are?

Our startup specialized in Software Testing Services. Why we perfectly understand mentioned QA professional needs 🔝 in the QA fields. We have great expertise, so sharing.

CТО Michael Bodnarchuk founder of CodeceptJS & Codeceptio

CEO Mykhailo Poliarush 15 years of experience in test automation and business

Our Team:

Testomat.io team’s include various specialists but they are working as one consists to provide quality services. And the team are growing together with the evolution of our Test Management System.

Our mission

We strive to make your routine testing activities clear and more effectively. What commonly Test Management Tool is used for.

We had been hard thinking: “What are the key features of a good test management tool?”

For a long time, we communicated with many professionals, experts, consultants, leaders mind asking their vision useful functionality of testing tools.

We carried out over 60 demos. Clients, who came from all backgrounds and all industries. With the information we heard, we developed our own Software Testing System

Finally, glad to introduce you Testomat.io 🎉

What is testomat.io

Testomat.io is a powerful Test Management Tool for modern developer teams. In the TMS market, we are completely different. We are working on innovations in each of our new features. Meet All Testomat.io Features >>

Core value:

  • Sync Manual and Automated testing in one place
  • Make it completely visible and transparent for all teammates Dev, PM, BA
  • Improve Agile process with help BDD (Behavior-driven-development approach)

Why you should pay attention testomat.io
Test Management System

Each business needs innovation and constant change. Smart testing is saving time, effort, and money. Right? To do this, we applied in testomat.io the next-generation test management approaches:

Testomat.io is a Test Management Tool for quick starting. Test Management System has an intuitive interface. It is easy to create test cases, manage test runs and coordinate the entire testing process. Track test status and coverage. Native out-the-box automated tests integration make it super fast and powerful.

Yes, we strive to almost all features working in 1-2 clicks

Main features:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Advanced BDD, Gerkin implementation
  • Native out-of-the-box integration with various testing frameworks, tools and CD/CI
  • API, Living documentation, Notification and many more…

Meet All Testomat.io Features >>

Our goal

Our goal is to make the best product and service for our clients on the market. To be the best Software Test Management tool for your needs.

Since we are open-minded you might Submit an idea add the desired feature to the list. And next, promote among colleagues QA Engineers to vote for them. We implement the most voting and the most interesting features. Request a feature >>

In our chats, you can collaborate with colleagues, share real experiences, know how they are implementing testomat.io in their workflow, address all your Q&As at live, ask for support.

We are so grateful to each of our customers for detailed attention, feedback, and reviews there. With every incoming feedback we try to better ourselves and customer success stories like this truly inspire us in this journey.

Our motivation

Our satisfied customers are the reason we do what we do !!!

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