Confluence integration

Easily add your tests to a Confluence page and provide more visibility to your team. Use macros to display tests linked to Jira ticket by test suite or by test case name.

Test Management tool with Confluence and Jira integration

Fast, responsive, efficient and cross-functional – these are all characteristics of an agile working environment. The backbone idea of test management – create a powerful tool to meet the needs of contemporary Agile teams, adapted to large and distributed teams.

What is collaboration in Agile?

It’s a whole way of working and is intrinsically linked with collaboration.

But how it drives agility? We focus on team collaboration as the foundation, whereas Agile is a way of working and is intrinsically linked with cooperation, people talking and working together. Effective collaboration enables teams to develop workable solutions to complex problems to achieve a shared goal.

Agile collaboration powers common understanding at the organisational level, particularly by eliminating gaps. A simple, easily implementable, collaborative architecture is enables teams to enhance design, performance, usability and of cross-team implementation synchronization.

So, one of our objectives is to develop a space where the team can store, and share their knowledge, keep work organized within the test project. We provide the feature set to foster discussions and collaboration across teammates via co-planning, progress tracking and frequent communication in due all stakeholders to stay on the same page.

Test management collaboration entry points are:

  • Living Documentation
  • Confluence integration

Test Management for Confluence

Confluence is a popular Agile documentation tool. Many Agile teams use it along with Jira Atlassian management workspace. And it is very convenient, thanks to seamless integration, your team does not need to change and learn a new tool. On the other hand, confluence test management integration is innovative team collaboration software that changes how modern QA teams work.

  • You can enrich your Confluence by adding tests or suites.
  • Test Management for Confluence enables you to create easy-to-view real-time documentation based on the needs of team members. From these documentation, QA team can make informed decisions and share information seamlessly, with easy data analysis and collaboration.
  • To ensure each teammate is driving towards the delivery of the fully understandable picture. Real-time collaboration tools are especially important for teams that are not co-located, these involve several kinds of synchronous communication tools that are reliable and easily accessible for teams to interact in real-time.
  • Transparency and working with alignment
  • Confluence user-story Jira linking

Factors that facilitate effective collaboration:

Agile collaboration powers common understanding at the organisational level, particularly by eliminating silos.