Bulk edit

If you need to change the same information in a large number of tests, use bulk editing mode instead of manually editing each item. Bulk editing is a quick way to create or edit multiple test cases at once using the YAML format in the special dialogue box.

Bulk edit Test Management

There are a couple of ways to create new test cases and edit existing ones. Test management app testomat.io provides bulk edit contents mode for a test case on a project and test suite levels. Thus, one of them is by bulk-edit feature.

How Bulk editing of multiple test cases is organized

By bulk editing mode, you are able to create numerous test cases with just one click. For example, you had finished a grooming session and as a result of your planning did some notes, which you can use to create test cases. At first, switch to bulk-edit mode. Then, copy this list and paste it into the bulk-edit editor and save. Current notes will be formatted automatically.

Also, bulk editing allows the users to mass update one or many fields in some number of the test cases. If you need to do a correction, enable bulk editing mode. The bulk change dialogue box opens. And you are able to make editing or formatting of a test case list with a special YAML format. If there are problems with the updates, warnings and errors messages in the pop-up will open. Instead of editing each test case separately, you can bulk change fields to update the items simultaneously.

Users are able to modify all 1000+ cases at once grouped by test cases and folders. Without a bulk editor, it would be very tiresome. So, bulk editing is a power of the YAML format that even a beginner can do all changes amazingly quickly. Note, that all Bulk edit functionality works in the advanced Jira plugin.

With Bulk edit, you can:

  • reorder tests
  • create new suites
  • move tests to another suite
  • delete tests
  • unlink issues into Jira

What is YAML?

In detail, YAML is great for human-friendly, machine-readable configuration files and not much else. If you are not familiar with YAML, simple learn its basics. The YAML format was chosen as the most popular for defining data structures in text-only mode. YAML is used in Ansible, Kubernetes, CI configs, etc, so it is very popular in the developer community.

Bulk-edit in test management through YAML format

YAML provides a powerful and flexible interface for bulk editing not only markdown files as well test cases, which we described at the top. Follow the link to Docs where you can meet with many examples of how the bulk editor works in our test management app.