Never run tests

Metrics measure the scope negative tests and scope of imported but unexecuted tests. The main benefit of these metrics is the visualization completeness and relevance of the testing set and testing data to the automation team.


Testing analytics dashboard with set of testing metrics

The Test Management is a comprehensive Agile Testing Solution. Designed to streamline your testing process. At first, is intended for automation testing. Test Management System provides powerful quality metrics set on Analytics Dashboard. One of these testing metrics — Never Run tests.

What software tests you should consider as Never Run tests

There may be tests that were never executed on your project because they simply got lost or forgotten. To avoid such situations we added the Never Run testing metric that will show you test those ones.

the trouble they might cause:

  • every line of code adds to the complexity of a codebase
  • the number of Never Run tests slow down the automated test framework in some extent

What I have to do if I note Never Run tests

If a test adds complexity without adding a valuable safeguard for your functionality, don’t be afraid to delete tests. And don’t feel bad about it. Tests are important, but they are not sacred. Go ahead and delete the ones that aren’t helping.