Jira integration

Jira plugin provides end-to-end functionality to link tests to requirements user stories. Non-technical teammates and QA engineers can view, edit, run scenarios also reproduce bugs directly from Jira.

Test management jira integration

The test Management system testomat.io allows you to keep in touch with your favourite apps thanks to native integration with tools, which are widespread among QA test engineers. This one is Atlassian Jira because Jira is a powerful task team coordination, bug tracking and requirement tool with various flexible options.

Hence, our team developed the Jira plugin. And we are improving its new functionality every time. Test management Jira plugin concept – makes Jira a part of not only the QA specialists’ toolset the whole Agile team as well.

Jira Plugin provides bidirectional integration. This means, you may work with Jira from the test management system and vice versa jump to Jira to work with your issues and changes that are made in Jira will appear in the test management tool. Everything is easy per a few clicks!

👉 There is a simple configuration of the Jira test management integration. Refer to Docs Jira integration for more information.

Note: It is important have to admin Jira rights before you start to set Jira app for test management.

How to use Jira across test management tool

Jira plugin along with the test management system meets the unique testing requirements of many Agile teams. Automated tests and manual tests, test runs and managing all results are centralized into them. Well-organized workflow and transparent cooperation between all people involved in the testing process.

Manual QA engineers or QA Analysts can achieve traceability between manual test cases with requirements, run manual tests and quickly submit new bugs to Jira. Moreover, we have developed unique functionality, involving non-tech specialists to test automation. Non-tech teammates are able to run manual as well as automated tests directly from Jira. They need only pick on settings type of tests and environment and launch the run per two clicks. Automated tests are executed with the help of a CI server. Implemented such integrations as Github actions, Gitlab, Jenkins, Bamboo and CircleCI. When execution will finish in Jira, will be available report. This report is also outlined automatically in the test management system.

QA managers can quickly track team progress, defects coverage, automation coverage and create rich testing reports.

So, there are two options that users have:

  • using Jira for manual testing
  • using Jira for automated testing

How do I handle an automated test case in Jira?

You can build an automation process through the classical type of projects or BDD. Test management supports the most popular test automation frameworks like CodeceptJS, Cypress.io, WebdriverIO, TestCafe, Jasmine, Protractor, Mocha and Chai, as well as PyTest, PHPUnit through JUnit XML format integration.

The capabilities of the Jira plugin can be used for automated test case management:

  • Just automated tests have been executed, you can submit errors immediately to Jira. Link them to existing issues or create new ones. Stack trace and exception feature makes a body issue description.
  • On the Jira test result board, we can see tests marked as automated as well as manual tests, also their test run history. By clicking on tests through link reffer to test management.

One can set up acceptance tests, integration and functional tests inside Jira.

Thus, advanced Jira plugin provides many smart features:

  • Track test results through the Jira plugin
  • Add test cases or test suites and do changes inside
  • Link requirements and test cases directly to Jira issues
  • Link auto tests to JIRA (on the test level or test suite level)
  • Run tests by non-tech teammates
  • User stories coverage (requirement coverage)
  • Jira BDD
  • Work with branches in Jira
  • Confluence integration
  • Living docs
  • Linking Jira tickets management
  • Creating JIRA Issue for a Failed Test
  • Check type, status, priority
  • Create branches
  • Manually execute test cases directly from Jira
  • Track defects coverage
  • Easily add defects for failed tests
  • Notification

You are able to do these all without any customization from your side👌

Test Management with Jira and Confluence

It’s extremely important to gather and presents a lot of information in a transparent way so that everyone understands them well. Use JIRA software and Confluence for your requirements along with testing processes. The wiki approach offers employees a variety of ways to document knowledge during workdays and to allow their QMS to merge with the knowledge management of the company.

Living Documentation is the best practice for the experiences of the daily work. Living Documentation is written collaboratively by many different actors. They all help to express the business needs in a way that can turned into automated acceptance tests. Consequently, the key benefit is that Living docs are updated all the time you do something with tests in real-time. 

Pros of Using Jira Test Case Management App:

  1. Easy setup and configuration for testing in Jira thus avoiding lengthy manual steps and processes.
  2. Ability to integrate in CI\CD pipeline for quality checks.
  3. Reports related to testing and get in-depth analysis of project quality.
  4. With a Jira-based test case management app, you can implement end-to-end test management from creating test cases to linking existing test cases to Jira stories.
  5. Work in the same flow. Streamline development and testing into a single collaborative workflow.
  6. For my work relevant changes immediately in focus.
  7. Working from one hand with the process teams.
  8. All measures and process stages in a quick overview.

If you are looking for an alternative TestRail Jira, XRay Jira, Testflo Jira test management consider testomat.io as a great choice!