Link multiple test management projects to one Jira project

Create different projects for testing different modules of your application in order to cover all parts with the most suitable frameworks and then track it directly within one Jira through an advanced Jira plugin.

Link Multiple Projects To One Jira Project

Jira is a favoured task management tool across Business Analysts(BA) and QA analysts – which means testers who sometimes share similar responsibilities. Jira plays a pivotal role in their workflow. They figure out requirements from customers and track their implementation with Jira.

In particular, testers usually link tests to reqs and issues, that’s why they prefer test management solutions which provide the functionality of such an association. Therefore, it is secure that the feature of linking tests to Jira issues is already a de facto standard. And they seek test management solutions that seamlessly incorporate this feature.

Linking multiple projects to a single Jira project allows QA test managers to optimize working projects. For example, it plays a major role when dealing with large-scale projects divided into several sub-projects. This feature simplifies analytics of entire parts. It is easier to generate comprehensive reports. QA managers can easily follow the progress and status of testing activities. Another scenario is companies with multiple software products can consolidate their activities. Let’s explore closely all the advantages 😀

What is the essence of such Jira issue linking?

The ability to Link multiple test management projects to one Jira project is only one of the powers of the Advanced Jira Plugin. It is out-of-the-box integration. Additional Jira configurations or installing Jira instances are not necessary. In the context of Jira, it refers to a single Jira instance. You do not have to hold administrator privileges; user permission access to the particular Jira project to connect is enough. On the other hand, you have to have the rights of a Manager of these projects in the test management system.

Please take note this feature also works in reverse mode. You can link a specific Jira issue (Jira instance) to different projects too.

The equivalence to the Jira instance essence

Jira instance, a similar test project – can have multiple projects and users associated with it. Each project is a collection of tasks, issues, and other work items that are related to a specific goal or objective. They both can be customized to the organization’s needs. Users can be assigned different roles and permissions within an instance (test project), such as project administrator (manager), developer, product manager or tester.

A single Jira source ensures the operation of a kind like the Jira repository. Because some of the issue configurations (best practices) can be shared across multiple test management projects, ensuring consistency of data in task management and facilitating its continuous improvement. Welcome follow through the one-page link on top to check the full extension’s description to know how to configure the initial Jira connection with the management test system.

Key Benefits of linking multiple test management projects to one Jira project

  • Enhancing cross-project visibility. It offers a holistic view of testing efforts. Further, it simplifies cross-project reporting, facilitating better decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Simplified Jira administration. One central place reduces the complexity of maintaining multiple Jira instances.
  • Test planning. QA managers can create test plans and organize test processes. This simplifies test execution, minimizing the complexity of managing separate Jira instances.
  • Simplified Traceability. With all testing activities centralized in a single Jira project, traceability between test cases, requirements, and defects becomes much simpler.
  • Efficient resource distribution. By linking multiple test management projects to a single Jira project, organizations can optimize their testing efforts, for instance, excluding duplication actions across projects.
  • Improving team collaboration. Distributed teams can work together in the same instance, collaborate seamlessly and share their knowledge to leverage the same Jira configurations across different testing initiatives.
  • Encourages effective decision-making for higher-quality software products.

In total, if you have multiple instances of Jira Atlassian products. In this way, you can structure your organization to get work done.

Test Management Features associated with Jira links

  • Agile Workflow – our test management tool focuses on a flexible Agile 3 Amigos approach to work organization and task scheduling. Simplify team collaboration and increase responsiveness to change.
  • Real-time Reporting – in our TMS, you can get real-time test results. See what tests failed and immediately create a defect to fix it as quickly as possible.
  • Jira Statistics – this analytics metric collects information on your tests linked to the Jira story via the plugin and displays Automation coverage, Success rate within Jira Project, search, filtering capabilities by @tags, custom labels and many more.
  • Jira BDD support – our test management tool supports a Behaviour-driven development approach, so our Jira plugin provides end-to-end functionality to link BDD tests cases or suits to Jira user stories. Non-tech part of the team is able to create/view/edit/select/execute or find existing test cases or BDD scenarios from Jira as well as the test management solution.
  • Team management – the ability to grant access to test projects, pass them to responsible testers, and give them relevant access rights from their account in TCMS to the particular testing projects.
  • Creating JIRA Issue for Failed tests – the ability to immediately create a Jira issue or link to an existing one when a test run fails right inside Jira and You don’t have to switch between tools. The issue from the execution of the automated script will be created automatically, with error details in the description.
  • Execute manual or automated test scripts directly from Jira within the Jira plugin including on CI\CD. When you complete the tests, results will be placed in a run group in test management bi-directionally and the test result report link will be shown as a pop-up in the Jira plugin window.