Markdown editor

Create classic manual test cases by using an advanced markdown editor that gives you flexible capabilities. Outline test preconditions, steps for actual and expected results, postconditions, any additional information or fields etc.

Manual Test case creation in test management system

For us, each test situations are unique. There is no silver bullet on How to write test cases. Only you know How to write test cases right for your testing project! Be free to create test cases any are you wish ✨

A built-in markdown editor and markup language syntax are powerful in test cases design.

What is Markdown, and why QA Engineers should use it?

Markdown is a lightweight markup language based on the formatting conventions that people naturally use in their daily writing on email or messangers. Markdown is nothing new. It has been around since 2004.

The main goal for Markdown’s test design is to make it as readable as possible. Syntax without looking like it has been marked up with tags or formatting instructions (unlike text formatted with HTML). And it is an alternative to HTML.

We would like to shine a small spotlight on the next interesting test case creation capabilities. 

Why markdown editor is the best test case editor?

  • You can create manual test cases in the Test Case Editor without fields to fill them up, without strict rules and order.
  • Speed up your productivity without navigating on menus and toolbars twice.
  • You might make your own custom fields for test cases. Including, making additional test case fields for free.

See, how to write test cases with easily!

Test case example formatted in markdown editor

For example, you can write:

Test case editing in Test management tool


and this text will be rendered to:

Test case editing in Test management tool


Note, this is only the beginning! Technically, you are able to write your own language implementations and their interpretations with your own styling.

It is completely modular and supports custom settings and formatting engines.

If you don’t know what markup language is, then don’t worry — just look at its implementation in Jira, GitHub or Stack Overflow. This is so cool and simple!

The markdown test case editor is completely modular.

Test case editor supports:

  • intelligence steps autocompletion
  • snippets
  • templates

Markdown for QA engineers

Markdown syntax is a common use Writing Tool for QA Engineers, not only for manual test case writing. Also technical documents on source code repositories or some kind of reports.

Especially for you some basic syntax conventions: