Requirements traceability

Receive coverage reports for requirements, linked to tests, and defects by using the advanced Jira plugin. It provides functionality to link tests to user stories, directly from Jira

Test management Link auto tests to JIRA

Test management system is a fully functional test management app. Whilst creating our app, we care that all professionals involved in software testing, including QA managers, QA team, Business Analysts and more, have transparent access and working rights to the project — deal with their day-to-day issues together and were satisfied on every step of the way software development process, from collecting requirements to the final release. What aims our testing tool supports Agile workflow.

Test management with JIRA

Test management is embedded into Jira through an advanced Jira plugin. Jira plugin allows work with Jira from the test management system and vice versa changes made in the management tool will appear in Jira.

Jira plugin allows:

  • add test cases or test suites and do changes inside
  • check type, status, priority
  • manually execute test cases directly from Jira
  • track test results through the Jira plugin
  • create branches
  • add defects
  • add user story
  • link test cases to a user story
  • track a requirement coverage

You are able to do these all without any customization from your side👌

Unite requirements and test management to one tool

What’s test requirements management organized

So, you can easily link one test case or whole test suit to one user story (including manual, BDD test cases and automated tests). Business Analysts or Product owners usually create these user stories before.

If you choose a particular user story you can see inside how many test cases describe this user story, the type of test case manual or automated, their priority. Even much more you can see the internals of these test cases and if you need edit them directly from the Jira plugin. Remind, it is two-way integration and all changes will appear in the test management tool as well.

What is Traceability?

Traceability is a comparison of specific business requirements with tests to check whether they have been met or not.

Let’s see an implementation of Traceability reports in Jira with a test management app

Requirements traceability matrix report for user stories = Test coverage

Requirements test coverage report vs requirements traceability

Receive your test coverage reports for user stories with assigned test cases directly into Jira. Test coverage reports display the list of user stories. Each user story shows what features are tested, a counter of test cases which are aligned with a user story or requirement. You can check the user story status outline after a test run. Note, that the overall requirement status in Jira for the whole user story will fail if only one test failed. Also, you can see automation coverage in per cent.

Requirement coverage is a very important measure because it tracks how many of the features are covered. This is especially useful for Agile projects where requirements frequently change or need to be refined later in the project. Test coverage helps QA managers monitor the testing progress. Requirements tracking speeds up the software development process and makes it possible for us to react quickly and introduce changes in problematic areas.

QA managers use the Jira requirements test coverage reports in meetings with stockholders.

Requirements test coverage vs Defects