Reusable snippets

Write your test cases at times faster. Keep text fragments, sets of steps and other reusable test cases elements into ready to use components and then call them in one or in multiple tests.

Test case reusable elements in test management system

Test Management System is aimed to streamline test cases creation. Reusing test case components save the time of test engineers which could be spent on many other testing activities.

A snippet is a fragment of text or it might be a test case steps are stored in the steps database. You can reuse these snippets in multiple tests. Thus, snippets are a building block of more extensive test scenarios.

Snippets speed up test case writing at times. Once, you create a snippet, it is ready to be used in every test of the project. During writing a manual test case pick up a snippet from Steps DataBase. To select a snippet you will be able to by calling through the dropdown menu of the advanced markdown editor.

Plus, when you use a template, you eliminate many of the risks associated with manual data entry.

Described test design only works with manual tests classic or BDD test cases.

If the snippet will be edited, all the tests containing this step will inherit the changes.