Slack integration notifications

Get real-time testing information updates to your slack channel. You can configure rules to be notified test had been updated, run, failed, etc.

Test Management Slack Notification can send you Slack notifications with a summary of the results of your test executions. Slack notification test management integration will allow you to be in control of your testing status right in your Slack feed channel. Based on your configuration you will be informed whenever a test or an instance had been run, failed, passed, and when there’s an entity change.

Test management workflow and Slack notification

Connect Slack to our testing project and configured a notification to be sent when the test run finishes. Getting an execution summary notification right into Slack allows you to always be aware of your automated test execution results and quickly respond to any unexpected failures that may occur.

Slack is one of the most popular collaboration tool for development teams around the world. Many Agile teams use Slack notifications to improve productivity. Besides chatting with team members, Slack is often used to broadcast important information regarding various processes and events in the product’s development cycle. With you may easily set test reports whether manual test execution or test automation job executions with Slack notifications, by a schedule or from a CI tool build like Jenkins.

How to notify testers and other stakeholders via Slack

How do I turn on Slack notifications?

Prerequisites, you and your teammates need to have a Slack account. Also a destination channel where your project notifications will be sent.

Navigate to your desired project and add notifications. Choice the option of notifications preferences. Enable Web Hooks, select the Slack integration that we’ve added in the beginning and click “Save”.

You will now receive test report after the job completes its execution.
The notification also contains a direct link to the generated test result report.

You can add several notification integrations in the same testing project if you wish to have separated channels for a different test run groups or tasks. Like a few notifications into slack channels, on email, and Jira notifications.

If you like Slack app and you will have any additional questions according to our Test Management solution, you may ask in Slack chat 🔗

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