Best Playwright GitHub Repositories

Playwright repositories on GitHub offer a collection of examples and best practices for Playwright users. These resources can not only help them grasp the concepts and usage patterns of this tool but also allow them to stay up-to-date with its latest Playwright features.

Moreover, Software and QA testing engineers from around the world can collaborate on open-source repositories, add best practice examples, help with issues and improve pre-built code samples for their projects.

Why do teams need Playwright Repositories?

  • Using Playwright repositories streamlines collaboration within testing professionals, improved test automation code scripts, and improved performance across diverse teams:
  • Using repos as a centralized code location to simplify team members’ access, contribution and collaboration on the Playwright test development and maintenance.
  • Seamless managing and merging changes.
  • Prioritizing and addressing issues efficiently.
  • Mitigating flaky tests and ensuring more reliable test results across various browser scenarios.
  • Benefiting from community support by engaging with other developers and testers, asking questions, sharing insights, etc.

Official Microsoft Playwright repositories

Playwright on GitHub. Microsoft Playwright repository entails the code, issue tracker, and documentation and works as a central hub for the community. Developers, QA, and everybody who is interested in technology can not only collaborate, report issues, and contribute to the project, but it allows them to stay updated on the latest improvements. It appears to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in automating web application testing and browser automation. Moreover, teams ensure users can rely on accurate and up-to-date information when working with this useful framework.

Playwright Examples Repository. Available on GitHub, the Playwright test examples repository is a valuable resource for developers and QAs who want to learn how to use Playwright. for automating web applications effectively. Thanks to a wide range of code examples and demonstrations, specialists can improve their skills in automating web applications and discover how to use the capabilities of Playwright effectively.

Awesome Playwright. Created by Max Schmitt from the official Playwright team, this repo is powered with awesome tools, utils and projects using Playwright.

Playwright tests Repositories


Playwright for Python. This is a Python version of the Playwright testing and automation library to automate Chromium, Firefox and WebKit browsers with a single API. This repository is known as a valuable GitHub resource powered by a great recipe for leveraging Playwright in web application automation and testing. It also provides code snippets and example scripts demonstrating how to accomplish specific tasks with Playwright. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this repository provides insights and solutions for common automation challenges.

Playwright with Python. GitHub repository created by Andrew Knight to help you write Playwright tests and scripts in Python and automate them.

JavaScript/ TypeScript

Playwright for JavaScript. It is the official JavaScript/TypeScript binding for this framework that helps specialists write Playwright scripts using JavaScript programming language.

Automation Panda. This GitHub repository helps you create and build a new test automation project using Playwright in TypeScript.

Playwright POM. This repository contains a simple automation test framework written with TypeScript and Playwright and implements the Page Object Model Pattern.


Playwright for Java. This official Java binding for Playwright allows teams to write Playwright test and script using Java.

Playwright Community. This community’s repository presents additional resources for Playwright tests in Java, including documentation, and community-driven support.

C# .Net

Playwright for .NET. This official .NET binding enables teams to write Playwright scripts using C#, or any other .NET language.

Playwright with C# by Kartik KK allows software and testing engineers to create Playwright test in C#.

Popular Playwright test repos maintained by developers

Playwright Tutorial Implementation. This GitHub repo from Letcode by Koushik Chatterjee sheds light on the most commoned implementation of the newest features by Playwright.

Playwright Fluent. Maintained by Henri d’Orgeval, this repo provides implementation of a fluent API around Playwright.

Playwright Axe. Maintained by Abhinaba Ghosh, this repo delivers accessibility testing with the Axe framework with Playwright.

Playwright Framework by Akshay Pai. This is Boilerplate/Template for Playwright-Typescript framework for Web-UI, api, Mobile Emulation, DB and Visual testing. Docker image, SonarQube and Lighthouse setup is also implemented.

Cucumber with Playwright. This is starter repo for writing E2E tests a by Tally Barak’s repo with Playwright-Cucumber integration using Typescript.

Demo with Playwright. Maintained by Marcus Felling, this awesome repo has a lot of demo scenarios automated with Playwright. For instance: accessibility, android, drag-and-drop runs example, oauth, performance, basic tests to show interactions, element selectors, assertions, upload files, read a response, mock a response, and page object model (POM).

Playwright Demos by Mani Kiran Nalabolu provides a repo where an author has shared a lot of demos examples as well.

Playwright Request Mocker. This repo driven by Guilherme ‘Kousen’ Luersen library allows you to automatically generate and use request mocks in the Playwright test.

Playwright Watch by Yoki allows you to use Playwright in watch mode.

Starter Playwright by CharlyAutomatiza the boilerplate project for Web/API Test Automation based on Playwright and TypeScript.

Playwright test boilerplate by Eugen Elaichenkov Playwright and Playwright Test end-to-end test automation boilerplate, using TypeScript and Playwright Expect. Follow through link to read his article with as report tool.

Other Useful Playwright Repositories

AWA Lambda with Playwright. This GitHub repo discovers running Microsoft’s Playwright on AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions.

Playwright Electron. This repo provides multi-window examples of how to test Electron apps using Playwright.

Aerokube Moon. This GitHub repo allows you to execute the Playwright tests in Kubernetes clusters.

Comparison of Cypress and Playwright Tests. This repo compares various Cypress and Playwright tests.

Playwright Mocha. This sample repo offers Chai JS and Mocha for Playwright and shows how to integrate with Mocha and Chai to use as an end-to-end tests automation library.

Playwright Starter. This repo introduces a set of Playwright tests for starters.

Playwright Issues. This Playwright GitHub issues page provides information on any query within 24-48 hours.

Cypress to Playwright. This repo allows you to turn your simple structured Cypress tests into Playwright tests.

Bottom line: Want to leverage Playwright Repos Value for your project?

When exploring the top Playwright repositories, software and testing engineers can find a wealth of resources, examples, and collaborative spaces. This helps them significantly improve their proficiency in using the Playwright automation framework. Whether maintained by the official Playwright organization or the community, these repositories act as hubs for learning, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

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With these Github repositories, users can access a centralized codebase, coding practices, and valuable learning materials. They also foster the Playwright’s community engagement and allow users to share insights and report issues by contributing to the further Playwright’s development.

Also, these repositories play a crucial role in supporting teams through features like issue tracking, bug reporting, and integration with CI\CD pipelines. The version control mechanisms provided by repositories ensure a structured approach to code management and enable teams to track changes and implement best practices.

👉 Drop us a line if you need any help when working on your Playwright project!