Automated tests synchronization

Synchronize automated tests and manual tests in one place in up-to-date. Easily track all your tests through a comfy and efficient dashboard test management system.

Coming Soon

We looking forward to making your testing journey more productive. And step by step our team continues to expand the functionality of our test management system. Meet the next features in upcoming updates.

Two-way integration with code repository

We are going to provide the capability sync of your tests with a GitHub repo. Once the integration is complete, changes to your code in testomatio test management system will also update in the repository.

New CI\CD integrations

We developed a much more efficient test management tool, whole environment configuration you be able to do just one-two clicks. So you don't definitely waste time on software delivery. And in near future, we are going to expand the list of supported CI\CD tools.

API extension

We are working on expanding API objects, that you will be able to closely interact with the test management system. And might send more data from your tools, frameworks or third-party applications.

Improving reporters to pass meta data

Step by step we are working on expanding metadata to build much more powerful tag/metadata management. You will drive logic within the tests themselves. And display your custom data from tests into the test report.